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    [Tutorial] How to use AllShare to its fullest. (WINDOWS 7)

    Method 1
    What you will need:
    1. Home WIFI

    How to get AllShare working on Galaxy S phones
    The above reference will get your media ready to stream to the phone. It shows you how to get the Videos ready to stream, you only need to repeat the process for your music and pictures.

    After you have completed the above, in Windows Media Player" click on the Stream button and ensure that "Automatically allow devices to stream my media" is checked.

    Then open Stream again and select "More streaming options".

    Name your media Library and ensure all entries are "Allowed".
    (By the time I decided this is the easiest and quickest way, I had other share methods enabled, so I named my media library, "Media Library" so I could Identify it later. When you open up AllShare on your phone you will know you are successful when you see "Your Computer Name: Media Library" My computer name is Sunshine, so I see Sunshine: Media Library".)

    Lets test it: Open up AllShare on your phone.

    Choose the second choice, "Play or download media from a server on my phone"

    The next screen will ask you to choose a server and you should see the one you just created.

    Touch it and you should see folders for Music, Videos, Pictures, and Playlists.

    Let's work with music, so touch the Music folder.

    You can tinker around with the different folders and get a feel. Once you decide you want to play a song and you have opened all the folders to the point where the songs are listed, touch a few and you will see checkmarks added to the screen. At the bottom of the screen touch "Add to playlist". The player will open up you will see your album art and the song begins to play.

    After you have listened to all songs that you chose, hit the back button and you will see a pop up that says "Playlist will be reset, continue". Choose OK and you will be taken back to the very first screen
    To download the songs to your phone choose "Download" rather than Add to Playlist. The song will be downloaded and then you can back out and listen to it from your media player.

    Method 2
    What you will need:

    1. Home WIFI

    2. AllShare PC Software
    Download: Allshare Download Page
    3. A video converter (Optional). I use Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate
    Purchase: Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate ? Best DVD Ripper, Rip DVD to DVD to AVI/MP4/MPEG/XVID...
    (There is a free trial, but I do not know what restrictions it has.)

    Get Libraries organized.
    I placed all my media into appropriate libraries: Get instructions here: Include folders in a library
    A. Music:
    B. Pictures:
    C. Videos:

    1. Download and install the AllShare PC Software program on your computer.

    2. Run the program and allow it time to search your computer for shared content, it may take some time depending on how much media you have. It will create an AllShare Shared Server that will stream to your phone. Mine is named [PC]Sunshine.

    When it is done you will see this screen:

    On the left Under device list two important items you will see on your phone later, "My Computer Shared Folder" and "Content List". The Shared folder should list the items you placed in your libraries earlier. The Content List will list all the songs, pictures, and videos outside of a folder environment. In the AllShare app on the phone the Content List is called Shared Contents.

    Now open the app on your phone.
    1. Open up the AllShare app.

    Choose the second choice, "Play or download media from a server on my phone"

    The next screen will ask you to choose a server and you should see the AllShare Server just created as well as the one your Windows Media Player server you created in method 1.

    Now you can just experiment and get a feel for how to choose media to stream.

    You will find that some of your media from this server does not play, You will see "wrong format" on many of your videos and music, that will play in the Windows Media Server. That means you will have to convert all that media to a format that will play on the AllShare Media Server.

    I use a nifty program to convert files from one format to another, Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate. It costs $59.95 and is well worth it if you do much with video, music, or other media. There is a feature that allows you to choose which cell phone you wish to convert for. The Droid Charge is not listed, but I have read that the AllShare app was designed for the Galaxy phones and I chose Galaxy S format. It worked well and all the home videos that I converted to this format now play on my Droid Charge directly streamed from my computer to the phone.
    You can most likely use any converter you want as long as it converts your .mov or .avi or whatever extensions you have to .mp4 Video. Try to convert one and then see if you can stream it to your phone. If it works, then convert the rest of your library.

    The only reason I can see to do this is that you do not want to download your media to the phone. It is convenient to just stream directly from the computer to the phone and move your phones pictures and videos to your computer using this app.

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    I didn't even really know what this app was.
    Actually pretty cool! Thanks


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