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Thread: [FP5E][Rom][Cwm][Odin]Tweaked v3.x

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    [FP5E][Rom][Cwm][Odin]Tweaked v3.x

    UPDATED VERSION 3.2 12/25/12

    Well, here we are yet again. Another OTA, so another build. My attempt here is to organize things slightly different than seen here or even here - the first several posts are going to attempt to lay things out a little clearer for folks, and then I will humbly request folks to post non-development related posts (general Q & A) here. The previous threads were quickly bloated and hard to navigate, so I figured this approach ought to make things easier. We shall see I suppose.

    I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS (GOOD OR BAD) AS A RESULT OF FLASHING OR ATTEMPTING TO FLASH WHAT IS POSTED HERE! It seems that there is considerable variability across our phones, so as always YMMV!

    If there is anything you would like to see (or wish wasn't there), let me know. I can't promise I'll do anything about it, but such requests keep me motivated and learning - and thats been the driving force behind this ROM since it began.
    You will need to have either ODIN on your computer or CWM Recovery already installed on your phone - it should work fine on any of the more recent variants but I've had great luck with the most recent one or two (version can be found here). Also, I would strongly recommend doing a data wipe/factory reset within CWM before flashing any of the non-update CWM .zips (that's what I've been doing at least and I have had no problems).
    As far as kernels are concerned - there is always the stock fp5 kernel, but thanks to the great work of kynalvarus picking up where imnuts left of we now have a custom fp5 kernel - the Lazarus Recharged kernel. This is actively being developed, which is why it is yet to be included in a bundle here, but that will change soon enough

    ODIN back to stock EP4D BEFORE you flash anything (which can be found here). Then either flash the two update .zips that are floating around or (likely easier) take the two OTAs to get to stock FP5E. It just makes for far fewer problems.

    CWM Installation instructions:
    - Backup your current setup/data
    - Download file and place on sdcard
    - Boot into CWM recovery
    - If flashing full ROM package, its recommended to wipe data/factory reset in CWM recovery
    - If flashing update package, its recommended to at least wipe cache/dalvik in CWM recovery
    - MAKE SURE TO MOUNT /system IN CWM RECOVERY (it should say "unmount" after system)
    - Select and install the .zip you put on your sdcard

    ODIN Installation instructions:
    - Download file on to computer and unzip it (w/ 7-zip or the like)
    - Wipe data/factory reset in CWM (or stock I suppose - I assume it has that option) recovery
    - Put phone into download mode
    - Connect phone to computer (assuming all is well with the drivers)
    - Open ODIN (I have been using 1.83)
    - Place the .tar.md5 file in PDA!
    - Flash away

    Download links can be found further down. Let me know if there are any suggestions/issues/etc - happy flashing!

    Version 3.2 - 12/25/12
    - Cleaned up tweaktools a bit
    ***** Now it can be used independent of what busybox you install
    - Moved things around for SuperSU to work without having to first go into the superuser app
    - Cleaned/edited extended power menu
    ***** Changed Restart to Reboot options for clarity
    ***** Added Screenshot option
    - Edited Settings.apk/build.prop to show Tweaked version in Settings > About Phone
    - Updated apps, including SuperSU (v0.99)
    - Added customizable lockscreen message text color
    - Added customizable statusbar background color/transparency
    - Added customizable pulldown notification background color/transparency
    - Made some minor edits to the stock TW launcher
    ***** Allow transparent statusbar, 3 blank screens as default
    ***** Added transparency to app drawer; dock
    ***** Added ability to have 5 icons in dock; removed text from dock icons
    - Cleaned up a few minor things in some lockscreens
    - TweakPapers revamping thanks to dSlice
    - Zipaligned

    Version 3.1 - 11/24/12
    - Cleaned up some of the toggles
    - Fixed the odd statusbar clock behavior from the initial 3.0 release
    - Updated system apps and SuperSU (v0.98)
    - Cleaned up/edited/added things to tweaktools
    - Added terminal emulator as a system app
    - Included things to make init.d functional on stock kernel (thanks to dSlice for pointing out this thread for info on how to do it)
    - Reorganized the extended power menu
    ***** Clicking on Reboot now brings up 4 options for type of reboot
    - Added "hotboot" as a reboot option (also in reboot toggle)
    - Fixed a few oddities in the updater-script

    Version 3.0 - 9/19/12
    - Updated EVERYTHING that was 2.2 to FP5E - tweaktools included
    ***** Though I didn't downgrade the gallery/launcher to EP4D (no scrolling wallpapers)
    - Added two new themes to tweaktools
    ***** Also did minor updates to tweaktools script stuffs
    - Changed stock and custom boot animation (once the latter can be seen at least)
    - Fixed haptic vibration in LatinIME.apk
    - Center clock actually centered now
    ***** This means notifications don't clump like they used to w/ center clock
    - Swapped out 3.0.7 Superuser/SU for SuperSU v0.96 instead (from here)
    - Can swap system/notification icon location
    - Applied FP5E world-clock-pulldown tweak to left clock (not center though)
    - Added option to report cdma or lte signal strength text
    - Also added option to include "dbm" at end of above
    - Option to hide wifi ap notification (mobile hotspot stuff)
    - Had some fun w/ swagger... (longpress toggle for TSMParts for one)
    - Cleaned up some miscellaneous things


    Version 2.2 - 6/26/12
    - Updated modded camera.apk w/ +2 sharpness in video as default
    - Updated handling of transparent background in DialerTabActivity
    - Updated handling of transparent background in Mms
    ***** This also fixed an issue w/ some of the softkey text in areas
    - Replaced FP1H Launcher w/ EP4D (now scrollable wallpapers should REALLY be back)
    - Calendar widget is now themed thanks to PaulN64007
    - Minor changes to Settings.apk
    ***** Clicking on Display Settings > Lockscreen settings now takes you to Lockscreen options in TSM Parts
    - Added in CRT animation options
    ***** Can now be all off, just screen off, just screen on, or all on
    - New boot animation (thanks to PaulN64007)
    - New pulldown layout option
    ***** Can either use newer ics-style or the older stock-style
    ***** Affects where the date/time and carrier text show
    ***** This means you can get date/time back in the statusbar on pulldown
    ***** Also made some fixes involving overlaps when dateview is active
    ********** Notifiations/clocks disappear when pulldown (and dateview) is active
    - ZipAligned
    Version 2.1 - 5/26/12
    - Updated modded camera.apk w/ FP1 base and +2 sharpness default
    - Replaced FP1H Gallery3d w/ EP4D (scrollable wallpapers should be back)
    - Include all theme updates that happened after 2.0 release
    - Updated pulldown (some rearranging of things...)
    - Included that silly thing (you know what it is)
    - New things in TSM Parts
    ***** New DateView option in Statusbar options (Month dd, yyyy)
    ***** Reorganized some things in lockscreen and misc options
    ***** In misc options can now set menu/back/search to act as screen-off music pause key 
    - Removed lockscreen music widget (it can be added back via tweaktools)
    - Set BLN-relevant .so file back to stock default (it can be added back via tweaktools)
    - Changed boot/shutdown animations (thanks to RuyDuck/TechnoSapien for the boot ani!)
    - Updated apks (full ROM installs only)
    - Updated tweaktools - now includes categorized app/cwmmod lists
    - Zip aligned
    Version 2.0 - 4/10/12
    - Updated base build to FP1H (OTA)
    - TSMParts + tweakstock tweaks
    ***** change clock location/color/am-pm style
    ***** signal dbm and battery % text, plus color
    ***** battery bar w/ customizable color
    ***** lockscreen carrier text
    ***** 11 lockscreens
    ***** music controls on a number of lockscreens
    ***** custom lockscreen timeout
    ***** hide/show icons in statusbar
    ***** dateview options and color
    ***** pulldown carrier text/color
    ***** ascending ringer on/off
    ***** full/low batt notify on/off
    ***** long/short extended power menu option
    ***** stay on while charging option
    ***** phone answer type (puzzle, aosp/slider, or new fp1 circles)
    ***** dialcode menu
    ***** BLN on/off toggle
    ***** selectable scrollable quickpanel toggles
    ********** No longer using lidroid-based toggles
    ********** Flashlight now works as it should!
    ***** and more!
    - Animate gifs regardless of available memory (thanks to flare561!)
    - BLN thanks to jt1134!
    - Swipe away individual notifications in pulldown
    - Longpress volume up/down to skip/previous song
    ***** Only works if music is already playing and screen is off
    - AMAZING tweaktools utility by tonsit (see here for more info)
    - Reverted to older stable version of busybox (1.19)
    - Updated apks (GMail, Search, the Play apps, etc.)
    - Roboto Font (clock images thanks to MidnightNinja)
    - ICS animations
    - Some wallpaper options thanks to jco23
    - Some build.prop additions/changes
    - "New" stock boot animation
    - New shutdown animations thanks to PaulN64007
    - New custom boot animation (requires custom kernel) thanks to PaulN64007
    - AOSP Browser (thanks to imnuts for help on this)
    - Zip aligned
    Version 1.4 - 2/4/12
    - Added in Download Crutch to allow download of wider variety of files (thanks to the unknown-to-me maker of this)
    - Added in TweakPapers thanks to gunnermike53 - some nifty wallpapers
    - Changed the transparency in Mms.apk to slightly less transparent (with help from stranula)
    - Cleaned up the underlying code of a number of toggles that were misbehaving
    ***** While it works fine, flashlight still needs to be addressed somewhat
    - Added end-user options for hiding various icons in statusbar - see Notes below for info
    ***** Bluetooth
    ***** E911
    ***** Vibrate/Silent
    ***** Alarm
    - Added end-user options for enabling/disabling low/full battery notification
    - Added in stay-awake-while-charging feature (thanks to imnuts for some helpful tips)
    - Disabled some notifications
    ***** Data off warning at bootup
    ***** Confirmation alert when USB connecting phone to PC
    - Custom carrier text option - make your own instead of choosing from my choices (credit to TSM for a model to follow on this)
    ***** Requires reboot for change in pulldown to take effect
    - Rearranged Display Settings to hopefully make the new options seem more organized
    - Volume rocker no longer wakes phone when lockscreen disabled
    - Custom shutdown animation (credit to various threads and Infinity for images and information on how to implement this)
    - Included custom boot animation, but requires supporting kernel (like PBJ...)
    ***** To change, make sure new boot animation is saved as and place it in /system/media/
    ***** JaeKar99 has made some AMAZING ones that can be found here
    - Altered some default settings (can be seen after data wipe) - for example:
    ***** Wi-Fi off on first boot
    ***** USB Debugging enabled
    - Contacts icon appearance fixed in Dialer thanks to gunnermike53
    - End user has option to removed data and airplane mode toggles from the extended power menu (thanks to Endless2232)
    - Zip aligned
    Version 1.1 - 1/6/12
    - Added in a few wallpapers to wallpaper gallery
    - Minor theme edits
    - Ported over the mod by lidroid (found here), but without using lidroid-res.apk (everything was merged into framework-res.apk)
    ***** This mod gives you 14 scrollable quickpanel toggles accessible through the pulldown menu
    ***** You can modify the availability, order, and some other things using Quickpanel settings from the Settings menu
    ***** TIP: Try long-pressing the toggles... in particular the Data toggle. It will bring you close to a screen that will allow to switch between 3G and 4G - closest thing to a toggle for that currently
    - Added back in the alarm icon in statusbar
    - Can now select if clock moves or not (rotate screen to force the change)
    - Can now select lockscreen and pulldown carrier text from three options (latter requires reboot to see change) 
    - Can now disable lockscreen in Display Settings
    - Updated superuser
    - Added in grey-themed keyboard (thanks to imnuts and Infinity)
    - Removed startup/shutdown sounds
    - Zip aligned
    Version 1.0 - Initial Release
    - Modified power menu (added recovery and download, changed appearance/order) 
    - Disabled low battery notification (you will still see a message, but no pop-up)
    - Disabled full battery notification
    - Removed e911 and alarm icons from statusbar
    - Removed clock from statusbar (appears after date to the left when pulldown is showing)
    - Altered lockscreen and pulldown carrier text (to plug the rom name lol)
    - Enabled CRT animation 
    - Edited/cleaned up the default bookmarks of the stock browser
    - Accurate battery mod (modified from Black and Blue theme)
    - Added AOSP as a lockscreen option in settings (AND kept puzzle and glass!)[/LIST]- Edited build.prop
    - Added in modified camera.apk by substanceD (found here and themed by stranula as part of Black and Blue)
    - Added in App Widget Picker by boombuler (found here)
    - Added in Superuser/su binary by ChainsDD (found here)
    - Added busybox put together by imnuts (found here)
    - With stranula's permission added in the relevant Black and Blue .apks with a few minor changes (for more information on what this includes see this thread)
    - Added in imnuts's CWM recovery to one of the ODIN variants (found here)
    - Zip aligned

    imnuts - far too many reasons to list
    stranula - for the great theme work
    jt1134 - far too many reasons yet again, but relevant most here is the BLN ability
    tonsit - hosting of files, and more importantly creating the awesome tweaktools utility
    sbrissen - even more smali tips
    cujo6801 - extreme tester, screenshot producer, and rabble rouser
    Endless2232 - layout (and general) xml guidance
    PaulN64007 - great boot/shutdown animation and icon/widget work
    MidnightNinja - image repairs and theme work
    fitti28 - rom namer, tester, and theme porter
    gunnermike53 - pointers, wallpapers, and touch-ups
    chopperthedog - for hooking me up with file hosting stuffs
    sircrazy (IRC) - for playing idea raquetball with me
    nitsuj17 - tips, advice, useful info, and tireless stifling
    crypted for an edited gps.conf file found here - the Google-specific v3.1 version in particular
    ***** I highly recommend you throw a little cash his way, as this gps.conf is so good due to utilizing network services he provides!
    apena325, dSlice, and o0BlacknesS0o - helping update 2.2 themes to 3.0 - THANK THEM!
    dSlice again, for all the tweaks research and implementation help
    All of TeamSbrissenMod
    All the folks on IRC
    Anyone else I likely forgot

    Beyond the contributions of the above individuals, there were a number of guides found on xda or via google that were used along the way. Some representative samples include:
    Swipe-away notifications
    ICS animations
    Disable low battery notification
    Remove clock from statusbar
    Extended power menu
    Screenshot in extended power menu
    build.prop tweaks
    A bunch of others that have become buried in my browser history...
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    Ok, while I find the interface to be rather intuitive, there has not been much posted on how to do things tweaktools-related. I figured I would put together a VERY BRIEF walkthrough on at least how to get started tinkering w/ tweaktools.

    Getting started
    First off, while you can use adb to run tweaktools from a computer, I'm not going to discuss this route (for those with the knowledge it's totally doable). For those going about things on their phone, here is what you need to do:
    1) Open the Terminal Emulator app, then type "su" (without the quotes) at the $ prompt and hit enter
    2) At least the first time you do this you'll get a prompt for superuser access - allow this of course
    NOTE: If a message appears saying su could not be found, go into the Superuser app - you should see a prompt saying update su binary, which you should agree to, and then all should be well
    3) Now at a # prompt, type "tweaktools" (again without quotes) and hit enter
    4) You are now in tweaktools - read the screen, make selections, and have a good day.

    Installing themes via tweaktools
    1) Start tweaktools
    2) Select the themes option
    3) Select a theme you are interested in
    4) Here you can choose to view a screenshot (this should open it up in your browser on your phone), just DL the theme, just flash the theme if already DLed, or do a combination DL/flash.
    NOTE: Themes are best experienced when flashed over the default black and blue theme - if you are not currently on that theme (or aren't sure what you are on) you should first flash back to that - THEN go through and select the new theme you are interested in. If you do not, there WILL be problems (either aethetic or functional)!

    Installing debloated/selected system apps via tweaktools
    1) Start tweaktools
    2) Select the applications option
    3) Choose what you would like to do, which includes:

    - Looking through a number of debloated/preselected system apps available through tweaktools and installing
    - Removing any of the system apps that have been installed via tweaktools
    - Install/remove system apps from your sdcard

    NOTE: Remember - these are apps that are going to /system/app - which is different than installing an apk from the play store for example.

    Installing CWM-flashable mods via tweaktools
    1) Start tweaktools
    2) Select the CWM Mods option
    3) Choose a general category to look through
    4) Select an option. Here you can choose to just DL the mod, flash the mod if already DLed, or simultaneous DL/flash. Also, for boot animation/shutdown options you can choose to view a preview gif of the animation, which will open in your phones browser.

    Installing "tweaks" via tweaktools
    1) Start tweaktools
    2) Choose tweaks menu
    3) Select between init.d and non-init.d based tweaks
    - REMEMBER: Many of the tweaks require init.d support, which should work regardless from the 3.1 version on
    4) Select the option you would like to install

    NOTE: For more information on a number of the init.d-style tweaks, check out this thread, which is where tonsit pulled a number of these from, as well as this thread dSlice put together.

    Updating rom via tweaktools
    1) Start tweaktools
    2) Select the Check for Updates option
    3) Here tweaktools will check what rom version you are and let you know if there is an update available on tweaktools
    4) If there is, choose "y" to install the update

    NOTE: This is also a handy way to see what version of Tweaked you are running

    Tweaktools FAQ

    Q: I can't connect/get into tweaktools - what gives?
    A: Sometimes servers get busy, so there will be occasions where DLs will be slow, not work, etc. The best bet is to just give it some time and try again in a little bit.

    Q: Ok, my options are different for what I can do on tweaktools than those on 3.1... wth?
    A: Update tweaktools - just open it like you always do and follow the prompts.

    Q: Now it's saying there's a problem with huh?
    A: Hmm... well I can't think of a good reason that would happen. That being said - it could, and if it does you should flash this to fix things up.

    Q: I still can't get into tweaktools - something about busybox... seriously what gives?
    A: Starting with Tweaked 3.2 this should no longer be a concern. If you are on Tweaked 3.2 and up-to-date with tweaktools this error still comes up, flash this and all should be well again.

    Q: So I am in tweaktools, but my app/theme/cwm mod doesn't seem to stick/flashes REALLY fast?
    A: Most situations can be resolved by simply clearing downloads, exiting tweaktools, and going back in after a little time has passed. Another thing to try is to make sure the phone is NOT connected to your computer once the phone reboots to go into recovery. Something else that I have noticed is that If a problem still persists, you can just download the file then manually go into CWM recovery and flash it there. They can also all be found here.

    Q: When I start tweaktools it says there's an update... now what?
    A: Well you should update - the only time updates are made available is when something is fixed or some new functionality is added. There are technically two things that can be updated - the launcher (this update will require a reboot into recovery), and the menu (this does NOT require a reboot). You should definitely keep these up-to-date.

    Q: Where can I find more information on tweaktools?
    A: More information on all that can be done with this incredibly useful utility can be found here!
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    Q: I'm getting a "can't mount /sdcard" in CWM recovery - what should I do?
    A: While this doesn't seem to happen often, you can download the here - then extract the folder (should be fine to extract it to your desktop) and attach your phone to the computer via USB (I did this while the phone was already in CWM). Open the newly-extracted ADB folder, and then double-click on the CWMsdcardFix.bat - something should pop up on the screen for a brief second, which is completely normal. After double-clicking the .bat file, on the phone go to mounts and storage, then select mount /sdcard - and it now should work!
    All the .bat file does is the following code:
    adb shell
    umount /sdcard
    rm -f /sdcard
    mkdir /sdcard

    Q: I lost root after flashing this - what should I do?
    A: First off, go into the Superuser app and accept the initial update prompt. If that doesn't work, flash the v0.99 version of here - note that this slightly differs from the one found here to match how it was installed with the rom itself. Alternatively you can try downloading the here - then extract the folder (should be fine to extract it to your desktop) and attach your phone to the computer via USB. Open the newly-extracted ADB folder, and then double-click on the SUPermFix.bat - something should pop up on the screen for a brief second, which is completely normal. After double-clicking the .bat file, root should be restored!
    NOTE: Due to the joys of the stock kernel, you will need to be IN CWM RECOVERY and have SYSTEM MOUNTED for this .bat file to work!
    All the .bat file does is the following code:
    adb shell "chmod 06755 /system/bin/su"
    adb shell "chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su"
    adb shell "mount -o remount,ro /dev/block/stl10 /system"
    adb reboot

    Q: I never had root in the first place, but it says I'm not rooted. I see superuser - what gives?
    A: After you first flash the rom, you need to go into the Superuser app - it will prompt you to update su binary - agree and all will be well.

    Q: I'm having overlap issues with statusbar icons and center clock - what should I do? Also notifications aren't clumping like they were before with center clock - what gives?
    A: Yup - things may overlap, so you will have to change settings to avoid the issue, or deal with it. And yup, now that center clock is more "true" center, notifications will not clump as they did before. Some have already voiced desires for this to change... if enough voices wish it I may offer an option to change this within tweaktools.

    Q: I set my statusbar to be transparent... but I don't see my wallpaper under it. What gives?
    Q: This is more a launcher issue than anything else. I actually edited the TW launcher to make it viewable - and unfortunately behavior of this will vary across launchers.

    Q: After first flashing, my statusbar is missing - what do I do?
    A: This occasionally happens - it clears up with a reboot. It also clears up after anything activates the statusbar ticker - so doing things like usb connecting your phone to your computer, downloading/installing an app from play store, getting a text - all these things make the statusbar reappear. Note that this only happens after the initial flash.

    Q: What the hell is TSMParts?
    A: A huge slew of mods and tweaks - here are some notes on them:
    Most of the tweaks start at stock-ish defaults.
    The statusbar icon tweaks all require a little effort on your part for changes to take effect. All changes can be elicited with a reboot, BUT for most there are other ways:
    - Bluetooth/vibrate-silent/alarm icons -- just change their state (on/off or vibrate/sound, etc)
    - E911 -- Go into Settings > Location and security... you don't need to do anything else, you should see the change
    - Battery/signal -- these just take time... I have yet to figure out a way to get around that

    Q: The music widget isn't showing up on my lockscreen - why?
    A: It is disabled as default, but when enabled the widget only works on some of the lockscreens - the options are made unselectable in TSMParts > Lockscreen options for lockscreens that don't support it. Also, be aware that if you have multiple music apps, the widget can get confused - a reboot usually fixes that situation.
    NOTE: To de/activate the music widget in the MIUI lockscreen, simply do a quick double-tap on the clock bar. Note that the MIUI lockscreen music player operates independent of TSM Parts settings, and regardless of the music widget being enabled or not I left that one alone - so it should be there no matter what.

    Q: Why don't you mention blah blah blah in your FAQ? It would be helpful!
    A: Because you hadn't told me yet! If you feel something should be added, PM me with exactly what you would have liked to see in the FAQ (so both the Q and the A, and with details) - I of course reserve final editing rights but if I feel the addition is warranted I will it as close to the original PM as possible.
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    Tweaked v3.2 ROM only
    md5: 0BE32F75F4FECCA84CA3940D6E38007F


    Tweaked v3.2 ROM only
    NOTE: This includes ONLY the ROM - no kernel, recovery, or modems.
    NOTE2: This does NOT wipe /data - but you should!
    md5: 173187FF4E433C0CCA2CEA004A445EAF

    Tweaked v3.2 ROM + 0302 CWM recovery
    NOTE: This includes ONLY the ROM and recovery - no kernel or modems.
    NOTE2: This does NOT wipe /data - but you should!
    md5: AE2FE06D9BC258BAC7AC2C445EAB8E72


    Lost Root Quick-Fix
    NOTE: This is NOT CWM flashable!
    NOTE2: Just extract the folder from the .zip file, connect the phone to the PC, and double-click the .bat file in the extracted folder.
    md5: D3EB4F62208D1FDC6CCEB9F69CB75759

    FP5E Deodexed System Apps
    NOTE: This is NOT CWM flashable!
    NOTE2: You can also use the tweaktools script to obtain a number of these...
    md5: 0CF393993BF6EC9343CD21689788F235

    Empty CWM file
    NOTE: This is to flash system apps from the above file ONLY - simply take whatever apps you want to flash from the above .zip and put them in the app folder that can be found in the system folder in the empty cwm file .zip. Also, if you select an app that is already on your phone, it WILL overwrite it. What does that matter? If it was modded or themed... well, it won't be any more. It'll be stock. You've been warned.
    NOTE2: Again - the tweaktools script can handle this for you. Check it out!
    md5: 646F0BB11A25DE982153CF7EE78411E0

    FP1 to FP5 modem updater
    NOTE: You MUST be on FP1H modems for this to work!
    md5: 211CC95B1479B0DD2A91199745B87A4C


    ---OLD LINKS---
    Tweaked v3.1 ROM only - CWM
    md5: 4BB0BDF368606AA6132A8E27E2366CE6
    Tweaked v3.1 ROM only - ODIN
    md5: 9CE4E6B3A51C9B04F1AD0070FB5BCCB8
    Tweaked v3.1 ROM + 0302 CWM recovery - ODIN
    md5: 98077E3559917A588CB6B34210C2AEA9
    Tweaked v3.0 ROM only - CWM
    md5: F6E3FE7C6AA315EE7C7BEEC0BB94FDD7
    Tweaked v3.0 ROM only - ODIN
    md5: 1CE4EE6843079299CC85DBC541286803
    Tweaked v3.0 ROM + 0302 CWM recovery - ODIN
    md5: 1E0EC690804B79D6AF3129A51AD2A3FF

    See here for earlier iterations of Tweaked, and here for even earlier iterations of TweakStock.

    Please let me know if there are any problems/issues.
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    Here is the screenshot you see in tweaktools for the default black and blue theme:

    Last edited by dwitherell; 09-19-2012 at 12:56 PM.

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    Jan 2012
    1713 times

    Heck I even "liked" your reserves
    AirZer0 and SonOfAnarchy0210 like this.

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    Downloading NOW!

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    Droid Pursuant
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    WOO HOO, downloading now

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    Droid Pursuant
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    I can finally get my crack flashing fix!

    Thank you Dwitherell & everybody else for your hard work!
    If I wasn't poor I would donate a bit.
    Then again, if I wasn't poor I'd probably have a different phone by now. Just sayin...
    Samsung Galaxy Note II, Unlocked, Rooted, & ROMed
    Tweaked VZW Remix

    Other Currents:
    Droid Charge, FP5, Tweaked 3.2 | Kindle Fire, AOKP Unofficial JB 4.1.2 111912

    Previous Devices:
    Motorola Droid X | Blackberry Curve | iPhone 3G... ya know, been there done that!

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    Holy !@#$%

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